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3rd April, 2023

Welcome to issadevs - A blog with fact-based growth tips.

Issa Jean Marie giving you a welcome @issadevs blog

Have you ever planned to do something yet kept procrastinating until 3 years passed? Don’t worry, you are not alone, I am your friend.

👋 Hello and welcome to issadevs blog.

Hello, and welcome to issadevs blog, the product that took me more than 3 years to produce, eventually I am delighted to have you here. 😍

I am thrilled to have finished and published my first blog post, I consider it one of the most outstanding achievements I have ever achieved.

My history gave me not that much access to people with such intellect to inspire me. So, I had to find my own sources of inspiration. Fortunately, the internet wasn’t an issue for me except before 2017. I got exposed to YouTube, Podcasts, and I had access to free PDF books.

I watched Tony Robbins and read The 7 habits of highly effective people, I followed Jim Kwik and subscribed to, I watched Went Worth Miller’s interviews and installed the TedX app, I added React Developer courses to my YouTube playlists and followed Ali Abdaal, and then I created my Instagram Page - IssaDevs.

See where I am going with this? The thing is, I loved and still love the internet. Well, not just the internet, but people on the internet. I have always been inspired by what I found on the internet. Many things that shouldn’t be free are free including great people. Trust me, it’s nearly impossible to listen to Black Obama’s speech without the internet.

So I created this concept that a single post can change someone’s perspective. Your post can influence a father or teenager somewhere in the world. This combined with my willingness to have a positive impact on someone, I developed the desire of creating content on the internet. I told myself, maybe I should start blogging, in fact, I planned for it, back then in 2019 or 2020. But life disasters including procrastination held me back.

🥹 What held me back?

“Life is difficult” - M. Scott Peck in The Road Less Traveled. It’s true, especially when starting something new. Honestly, failing to sit down and start typing was the biggest challenge. I always told myself, “who is going to read the things you will write?”, or “what are you going to write about?”. The fear, indecisiveness, over-planning, and wrong perceptions are what held me back.

But slowly we overcome our obstacles, and so did I. THANK GOD!

⁉️ Why this blog?

My internet content pillar is to help people who want to join the tech industry and those who want to advance in their careers. Besides my being young, I do have not much experience to share, but for beginners, I have been one, and for those who want to advance, I am growing as well. So, I thought, why not share my progress and failures and maybe someone could pick a lesson from that?

People usually don’t share failures and obstacles on the internet, they share success and shining parts of their lives, but I am willing to do the opposite. So, if you feel like the kind of person who wants to consume content based on real-time experience, please consider leaving your email in the subscription box.

🔑 What I write about!

One thing I am sure of is that I write about anything, for now, fu** the niches.

I believe in progress, I had started, and I am looking forward to where this will take me. But don’t get me wrong, I am not that cuckoo. Currently, I am documenting my life, writing about how I dropped out of college, how I am growing after that, and sharing what I am doing to achieve my career growth and financial freedom. Basically, I am sharing anything that can help or at least provide value to someone in his/her 20s, not limited to old people who want to join the tech industry. Again, if you think my contents are valuable to you, please bookmark this page.

🤔 Who is this blog for?

Generally speaking, for anyone who loves to read, there is always value in reading. By reading, you can consume someone’s 10 years of ideas in 10 minutes. How cool is that?

But to be more specific, it’s for anyone who wants to join the tech industry and those who want to elevate their careers. I share fact-based growth tips and I hope there is always at least one lesson from someone’s failure, so hang in there and learn from someone else’s failures to prevent yours 😂

🪣 What are my goals for this blog?

I am still working on that. As I said, the hardest part is getting started, so I got started instead of spending time overthinking about my goals. But my main focus is to make as much content as possible, I don’t care about the number of visitors as long as someone can read it, at least for now. I believe the more content I will make, the more strategic it will be. So, stay here and see how I will transform 🙏

🤙 Keep in touch!

I have always found value in internet content, hence I want to provide one. I know my impact isn’t that much, but if I can change one soul, I will be proud.

If you find my content or journey aligned with your values, please subscribe or bookmark this page. I hope to keep seeing you here and being touched by at least one of the values I provide. Cheers, Issa Jean Marie.

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