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I'm Issa Jean Marie

A software developer with 4 years of experience

I create premium products that inspire.

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My handcrafts

I have designed and developed 10+ projects in total!

Design + Development (2)

Design (2)


OX Deliveries Portal



Scrum Master





RTK Queries




React Testing Library

Management dashboard for OX Deliveries. The platform helps the company to manage their deliveries, drivers, clients, transportation, expenses and generates presentable data for the investors..


With the key feature of online payment, OX made $10,000 transaction in the very first week and through mobile app and portal, OX has been able to measure the distance traveled with how many kilos carried, the challenge no one has been able to solve before in Africa.

Rwanda Day Website


UI/UX Design


Backend CMS






Rwanda day is an annual event that brings together Rwandans from around the world to connect, share experiences, and discuss development opportunities. The website is a platform to share the event details, news, updates, and carry the brand and stories of Rwanda.


Other than the smooth registration process, the Rwanda Day website played a significant role in promoting the brand of Rwanda and encouraging attendees to visit the country. It showcased the rich culture, history, and development opportunities of Rwanda, creating a positive image among the audience.

PixelEye Website




UI/UX Design






Pixeleye is a creative media, art, and communications company established in 2010 with the purpose to redefine communication through a creative and dynamic approach








RTK Queries

UZURI K&Y is an African-inspired eco-friendly shoe brand that champions sustainability through its innovative use of the 4R technology: recycling, reusing, recovering, and reducing car tires to create eco-friendly footwear.


Through practice, I continuously digest market-proven technologies.


  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • Next.js
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Redux
  • Apollo Client
  • RTK Queries
  • Recoil


  • Material UI
  • Ant Design
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Styled Components
  • StyleX
  • Storybook
  • Git
  • CI/CD
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • React Testing Library
  • Framer-motion


  • Scrum
  • Jira
  • Agile Methodology
  • Team management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

🙇 Learning

  • Kotlin
  • React Native

Other interests.

Online Content

My career has been a blast!

Awesomity Lab

3 Yrs 2 mo


Frontend Lead

3 yrs 1 mo

Jan 2023 - Present. 3 yrs 1 mo

Kigali - Rwanda

  • Planing sprints, and breaking down tasks to ensure smooth sprints and to match the capacity of everyone on the team.
  • Onboarding new front-end engineers by introducing them to the existing projects and guiding them through our best practices.
  • Creating and maintaining front-end best practices guidelines.
  • Following up with engineers on the team to make sure that we will meet our deadline.
  • Working with and assisting other front-end engineers whenever they are stuck.

Frontend Developer

1 yr 8 mos

May 2021 - Dec 2022. 1 yr 8 mos

Kigali - Rwanda

  • Worked on various projects including landing pages, e-commerce, management systems, etc.
  • Integrated Rest APIs using modern technologies such as RTK Queries.
  • Working with the design team to ensure quality product delivery.
  • Collaborating with back-end engineers to understand features’ connection to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Integrated multiple websites with WordPress CMS.
  • Onboarded one of the newcomers to the existing projects.
  • Managed to deliver for 1 year while working remotely from a different continent (Turkey).

Task Force Intern

3 mos

Mar 2021 - May 2021. 3 mos

Kigali - Rwanda

  • Developed two platforms including a meme-based social media website.
  • Learned interesting skills such as Redux and AntDesign.
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 different individuals to work on the same projects.
  • Developed my first production-ready website called Jasiri.
Deriv Company Logo

Frontend Web Developer

Deriv - Full-time

Jun 2021 - Sep 2021. 4 mos

Kigali - Rwanda - Onsite

  • Responsible for maintaining existing online trading platforms,
  • Fixed SEO issues such as website titles, and alternative texts on images.
  • Introduced a dockerized development environment to the team.
  • Worked with team across different contents.

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We create the solution together.

Collaboratively brainstorming solutions, I prioritize client involvement and conduct site visits for real data, ensuring user-centered designs and development. Through detailed analysis and feedback loops, we refine ideas, leveraging open communication and a commitment to innovation. This iterative process allows us to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, driving impactful results for your project.



Your project is mine.

When you hire me, you're not just getting a skilled developer; you're gaining a partner who takes full ownership of your project. I immerse myself in every detail, from concept to execution, ensuring its success with proactive problem-solving and unwavering dedication. Together, we'll turn your vision into reality, with me shouldering the responsibility every step of the way.

After sale support

After sale support

I'll assist you for 5 months after project handover.

My commitment to your project doesn't end at completion. I provide comprehensive after-sale support to ensure your continued success. From troubleshooting to updates and enhancements, I'm here to offer timely assistance and personalized guidance. You can rely on my dedicated support to maximize the value of our collaboration, long after the project is finished.

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